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Transform Your Bathroom: 5 DIY Tips to Turn TINY into ZEN

You get an amazing combination with Lee of professional designer, passionate Feng Shui practitioner & an avid listener, so you get exactly the space you want. ~ Phil

About Lee

Feng Shui Interior Designer of New York 2019

Hola, I am Lee.

As a lifetime Interior Designer, I have spent many years expanding & exploring the power our spaces have on our well-being.

Naturally curious, and never able to stay put, I am an avid traveler, reader & seeker. I am constantly exploring new ways to create spaces to better balance our well-being.

Today I include Feng Shui, Eco-Design & Holistic Modalities alongside classic Interior Design to help enhance spaces for optimum well-being.

Luckily in the new world of global technology we can connect either in-person or online in my sacred collaborative approach.

Want to co-create your space?

I hired Lee to transform my space. Ultimately I got a great new space, but the real gem was the depth of self-knowledge I gained during the process. Priceless. ~ Matt


By the Hour

Need some professional advice, insight and problem solving? Lee can help just where you need it. From how to hire your contractor, review a layout options, or choosing the perfect colors, think of Lee as your 911 Designer Resource.

By the Room

Do you need help with a room that just is not ‘right’? But you can’t figure out how to fix the problem? Maybe a life change has highlighted that this room is no longer working for you, so you know the time is NOW to fix the problem.

By the Project

With Lee’s decades of experience, we can guide you through every step of the design & renovation process. From design concept, to helping select and manage the contractors to the finishing touches, we can help you through it all.

Lee finished our office design and is an amazing designer. But she is an even more amazing person. ~ Diana

Sustainable Design

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Working with Lee means you care about the planet, you’re curious about eco-options and you’d like to be sustainable. Life is a learning process and your space should grow just as you do, which is why Lee offers a variety of on-going personalized services.

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Transform Your Bathroom: 5 DIY Tips to Turn TINY to ZEN