Holistic Interior Design – By the Hour

Do you need an Interior Designer for an HOUR?

An hour, or two is sometimes all you need to sort out your problem. We can’t all be experts in everything and sometimes you just need a “friend” that has the special expertise, and knowledge that you don’t immediately have (or don’t have the hours to sort through Google).

This is your next best option. Having access to a Pro with decades of experience to answer your questions, give you guidance, provide feedback on your choices and point you in the right direction. Lee is your solution! This is the ideal combination of trustworthy ally, Interior Designer & Feng Shui specialist all mixed into one.

Lee’s candid approach and efficient focus on your project allows you to get the best advice in the quickest time frame.

I felt like working with Lee was a journey in which together we were able to ‘discover’ the best option for ME. She does amazing work. ~ Matthew

The Next Steps for your HOURLY Design Services

The first step in the By the Hour consultation is to fill in the By the Hour design consult form and pay for the first hour, plus select an appointment time.

Once we receive your form & payment, we will confirm our video call to answer your design questions and help you move forward with your project.

Need something else? Reach out to us here.

By the Hour Consult

Thank you for choosing us for your design needs. It is our pleasure to work together with our Holistic Design Hourly Consultative Services.

This form is to help us know more about you, your needs, styles and preferences so we can provide you with the best design service possible.

A reminder that these services are all provided in an online and distance-design format. We operate globally so we will coordinate our schedule to accommodate yours as best as possible within the time zone constraints.

Please fill in the following and return. We promise to get back to you within a day or two!

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