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Do you need to hire an Interior Designer for your PROJECT?

Our Full-Service Holistic Design Package is precisely for the person that is seeking to do a complete redesign of a space in your home or your office space. This package is for those that know the project is bigger than you can manage alone, plus you desire the experience of a professional to guide you through the complex maze of the renovation process to ensure you get it right the first time, don’t waste money and wish to minimize your stress throughout the process.

Each package is customized to provided you with as much hands-on design services you want and need. Our expertise ranges from small bathroom renovations to complete office make-overs; the process and our expertise is the same and can be scaled to meet your every need. The goal with this package is to ensure that you GET IT RIGHT the first time.

A full-service design & renovation project requires a more intimate, hands-on approach and it is only available for those that wish to work directly with Lee with her signature DIWY™ methodology. Her DIWY™ (Design-It-With-You) approach includes a collaborative design process, and is conducted with the use of local resources and virtual tools, all customized per your own project requirements.

If this sounds just right for you, please reach out to get a personalized clarity call so we can determine your unique requirements and an appropriate fee for your design renovation project.

I have worked with many interior designers over the years and found none better than Lee. ~ Peter

The Next Steps for your PROJECT Design Services

The first step in the the By the Project consultation is that you fill in the By the Project design consult form and pay the design deposit, plus select an appointment time.

Once we receive your form & deposit payment, we will confirm our first video call to answer your design questions and help you move forward with your project.

It is essential that we fully understand what you want and we agree on the steps in which it is best to achieve your goals. Therefore during our first clarity call we will review and explore your vision, scope, design desires, budget and schedule plus define our fees & terms.

Typically a By the Project design package includes these steps: 1. Clarity Call & Letter of Agreement approvals 2. Mood & Vision Boards 3. Schematic Design Clarification 4. Detailed Design Drawings 5. Procurement Process 7. Construction & Implementation Phase 8. Project Management Reviews Phase 9. Finishing Steps & Move In Phase

Lee has developed a collaborative approach, even in the full-service design projects as often she finds each client wants to be deeply involved in the creation of their spaces. Lee agrees! Knowing this uniqueness to each job, therefore each design fee will be customized based on your responses in the form and clarity call.

Our fees are as unique as your project is!

Need something else? Reach out to us here.

By the Project Consult

Thank you for choosing us for your design needs. It is our pleasure to work together with our Full-Service Holistic Design Package & Services.

This form is to help us know more about you, your needs, styles and preferences so we can provide you with the best design service possible.

A reminder that these services are all provided in an online and distance-design format. We operate globally so we will coordinate our schedule to accommodate yours as best as possible within the time zone constraints.

Please fill in the following and return. We promise to get back to you within a day or two!

  • Please enter the address.
  • living room, dining room, foyer / entry, bedroom, etc.
  • Please check all which you believe applies.
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  • Please check all which you believe applies.
  • This is for painting or minor changes to the space, furnishings, accessories, artwork, lighting, etc.
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  • This is the opportunity to discuss in-depth what your project is about, and discuss options with Lee about the services to be provided, ideas on solutions and the best ways forward. The deposit will be deducted from your proposal if you decide to move forward.
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